A Caring Service For Pets At Our Surgery Or In Your Home
A Caring Service For Pets At Our Surgery Or In Your Home



Vet Extraordinaire!

Thank goodness for Pauline!

Before we saw Pauline, my dog was on steroids and in pain for two years. He saw many different Vets and nobody knew what was wrong with him or how to make him better, one even suggested putting him to sleep.

We went to see Pauline and she knew straight away what was wrong. She made it her mission to make him better. A few months later he is off all medication and has a new lease of life.

We couldn't be more grateful for everything Pauline has done for us. Nothing was too much trouble and I never felt like I was being a pain when getting in touch with her.

Pauline is just so lovely and, quite literally, a life saver. Thank you Pauline!

Sarah and Jack xx

Sarah M

We have been with Pauline since the launch of her business and really cannot speak highly enough of the care our dogs (and our family’s dogs) have received. She has quite literally saved the life of our Westie on several occasions by removing foreign objects including a large, raw carrot which was stuck in his gullet. Without Pauline’s rapid response and her ‘blue light’ drive to Harlow he would certainly have died.

And when the dreaded day came and we had to have another of our beloved pets put to sleep the fact that Pauline came to our home and did the deed with such tenderness and compassion made the whole thing more bearable.  What makes Pauline’s practice so special is that it not only cares for the pets but for the owners too!

Gill Negus

If Pauline’s practice were a restaurant it would undoubtedly have 3 Michelin stars!

Excellent service, consistently high standards and all delivered at your home (or Hatfield Heath surgery)!

Lin Farrar

I have known Pauline Sell Mobile Vet since she was recommended by a neighbour and friend in 2009.  It has been marvellous to have a mobile vet for our two golden retrievers Issy and Razzle, both of which love her to bits. Pauline is always available on the end of the phone, email or text to give advice when needed.  She always arrives on time and having the dogs treated at home means no stress or upset of a car journey.  I don’t know how we coped before Pauline came into our lives.  Thank you.

Janet A

Pauline was recommended to us and thankfully we rang her. 

Our present small Dog Harley and Cat Jess are a picture of health thanks to Pauline.

We can not say how wonderful Pauline has been over the years not only with our current Dog and Cat but the ones before and we have always found her to be compassionate and very understanding even when we ask stupid questions she will never put us down and always has time to listen.

If ever we have left a message Pauline has always come back to us and in our opinion we could not want for a better vet to care for our much loved animals.

We hope very much that she continues to practise for many years to come in this area as we are all extremely lucky to have her at the end of a phone and so nearby.

Andy & Wendy

Pauline has been our vet for over three years now and has looked after our three dogs, two cats and various hens.Her professionalism is only over shadowed by her compassion and the consummate ease in which she makes us, the owner, feel as calm as her patients!We have had to call Pauline out on several occasions where we have been worried about the well being of our dogs and she has always been able to help with a confidence that has reassured us of our decision to choose her as our vet.We would like to wish her every success in the future and look forward to a long relationship.


We have known Pauline for a number of years and she has looked after our dogs. She has proved to be the most amazing vet. When we lost our beloved Boxer last year she was a wonderful friend to us all. Nothing is too much trouble and she is always there day and night. Her love for the animals is just wonderful. On a number of occasions when we thought all hope was lost with our other Boxer she has pulled him back from the brink time and again. We are so lucky to have her as our village vet and we cannot praise her highly enough. She is a very dedicated lady. The animals that she looks after are truly blessed. 

Debby and Glenn